Music Production Tuition

Mark runs Apple’s Logic Pro, Cubase and Bitwig Studio, and he can teach Pro Tools, FL Studio, Garage Band and Reason to name a few more. Any possible aspect of music production is on offer here, and once he diagnoses your current status, he will organise a schedule accordingly.

Examples of what I offer:

  • Impartial advice on what is required to set up a studio
  • Set-up, configuration and diagnosis of your studio (drivers, installation, hardware issues, acoustic treatment etc.)
  • Weekly hour-long sessions from scratch covering a bit of everything until you feel able to make music on your own
  • Specialised genre production: how to make Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Bass music, House, Techno and any other electronic music genre
  • Intermediate sessions for those with some knowhow
  • Advanced production techniques: multiband compression, side-chaining, dynamic EQ, advanced routing and grouping, re-sampling, synthesis, glitch
  • Software/plug-in tutorials. Learn how to master Massive, Kontakt, FM8, Reaktor, Razor, Monark, Serum, virus, and any others – once you understand synthesis, you can use anything!
  • Weekend crash courses – a track from start to finish

Points to consider:

  • These things take time; it’s not possible to cover much in a single session. Be prepared to put the hours in
  • Special needs and autism specialism
  • Preparation for GCSE, A Level, BTEC and degree courses or exams
  • Preparation for Apple Certified Logic Pro 101 course
  • Bespoke tuition offered as negotiated