CONSCIOUS PROGRAM is the alias used by Mark Thursby, an EDM producer, composer, sound designer and lecturer from Northampton…


Mark has many years experience tracking and mixing bands.

He currently offers a mixing and mastering service for any genre of music - so whether you’re a singer/songwriter or into progressive rock, you will find that he can turn your recordings into highly polished pieces


I run Apple’s Logic Pro, Cubase and Bitwig Studio, and I can teach Pro Tools, FL Studio, Garage Band and Reason to name a few more.

Any possible aspect of music production is on offer here, and once I diagnose your current status, I will organise a schedule accordingly.


With over 15 years teaching experience, Mark offers Guitar tuition to all levels and across all genres of popular music and Jazz.

He specialises in improvisation, harmony and Jazz / fusion, and has experience delivering both the RGT and the Rock School syllabuses.