CONSCIOUS PROGRAM is the alias used by Mark Thursby, an EDM producer, composer, sound designer and lecturer from Northampton.

Over the past fifteen years he has managed the University of Northampton’s HND in Music Production course, and specialises in delivering professional and personal tuition across all areas of music production, recording, mixing and mastering.

LogoBTEC1 Mark is also a BTEC trainer and standards verifier.

Working from his home studio, Mark offers training and bespoke tuition for beginners through to advanced users on anything from set up/configuration through to advanced recording, sequencing, mixing and mastering techniques. He also offers tuition in your own home studio in Northamptonshire. Times and duration can be negotiated and include evenings and weekends.

  • Sound design: creating unearthly sound and score for theatre and gaming
  • Foley: recording the world and using the sound in new ways
  • Synthesis: creating twisted bass, deep cinematic themes, uncompromising beats and unique timbres using Massive, Serum, FM8, Kontakt, Reaktor to name a few
  • Recording: bands and artists – any genre
  • Music Production: making electronic music in your software of choice
  • Genres: bass music, drum and bass, house, techno, electronica, ambient etc.
  • Technical support: help with configuring and/or diagnosing your Mac OS/studio/laptop/DAW/hardware
  • Specialised industry-focussed tuition: Native Instruments, Logic Pro, Bitwig, Cubase, Pro Tools, iZotope, Fab Filter, Superior Drummer, Xfer
  • Mixing: the basics through to a professional standard
  • Advanced specialisms and theory: understanding digital audio, sampling, bit depth, Nyquist theorem, dynamic range, multiband compression, acoustics, routing, decibels (dB), preparation for exams/course work to all levels